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Our Company

Paneltech are a group of people with a shared common purpose, one of diligence, professionalism and integrity. Every day, no matter what the project or who the client is we apply this principle.

It’s been a part of who we are since the company was originally formed by Richard Larner, and it is our foundation. Our customers like it, and through word of mouth we have grown. We stick with our customers, we do not vary or change we are a constant in a changing world, we pride ourselves on being as good as we can be at what we do, doing it reliably and cost effectively for our customers. From inception we have retained an enormous capacity for being receptive to new ideas and innovation, whether that is testing and checking designs, value engineering prototypes or adopting the latest technology. Why? To do what we do better, quicker, and more cost effectively.

Our People

Paneltech is a network of connected people who believe in the same thing.

We have a strong work ethic and shared common goals, we operate a flat hierarchy where all members of the network help each other feedback in a constructive way to improve operational efficiency as an iterative process something we feel is only achievable without barriers between office and factory. All members are encouraged to constantly improve and training is actively encouraged, everyone is incentivised to be the best they can be. This approach has resulted in a strong bond, of experienced highly trained and enthusiastic people who are always mindful of others and what process comes next after theirs.

Ian Larner


Ian has a first class honours degree in computing for real time systems, he has been working for Paneltech since 2002, and has revolutionised the production practises employed to best serve our customers. Ian leads our design division, and the initial stages of workflow management, working very closely with the other divisions of the company to ensure projects can be done in the required time.

Ross Larner

Project management / Design

Ross has a degree in electrical engineering, Ross has a huge skill set and spans various areas within our company, he coordinates the flow of work through the facility communicating constantly with other team members to balance resource allocations to ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget. Ross is also involved in company strategy and overall direction.

Richard Larner

Production / Assembly

Richard has over 30 years industry experience and was one of the original founders of Paneltech. Richard is now a consultant for the firm, his input is invaluable and experience is immeasurable, Richard helps train others, and also oversees the technically challenging projects we work on. Richard helps give a more traditional joinery perspective to new CNC machining methods to ensure we can offer our customers the best of both worlds.

Peter Brown


Pete has a first class honours degree in Economics, a master’s degree and is a chartered member of the RTPI, his area of responsibility is everything commercial from financial control and management accounting, to company administration, system conformity and implementation and all health and safety obligations.

Damien Kaye


Damien has been with Paneltech since 2003, his area of focus is in production and project management. He is enthusiastic, diligent totally focused on getting workflow progressing at all times to ensure there is no down time and that everyone is always busy. Damien is a highly skilled machine operator and is able to balance the needs of the machinery with the needs of workflow progressing through the factory.

Simon Dodd


Simon has been with Paneltech since 2001, his area of focus is in assembly and project management. Highly skilled pragmatic and focused on getting the best product made that we can while operating within tight manufacturing timeframes. Simon has an innate ability to rationalise conflicting manufacturing constraints to ensure project delivery while never sacrificing quality or administrative compliance.

Ian Brown

Fitting / Assembly

Ians focus is on site fitting, he and his team are totally disciplined and focused only going in to a project fully informed and knowledgeable of what is required to prevent delays, and to ensure fittings is undertaken as swiftly as possible. Ian is a very experienced fitter having all required training and certification to work on any site, helped by his Navy past he is pragmatic, efficient and incredibly diligent.

Our Capabilities

Our ability to serve our customers is directly linked to our facility and capabilities. In this area we are constantly reviewing best practise to ensure on an iterative basis we are advancing and progressing.

Some happy customers…

Southmead Hospital, KPMG, Bristol University, NHS, GVA, SKANKSA, BAM, Bristol Airport, Heathrow Airport, Danbury Motor Cavarans, Thames Water, Booking.com, FRISKA, Helly Hansen, Argos, Henry Schein Dental, European Space Agency… to name a few.